It’s getting hot in hurrrrrr. 

Trump has vowed to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement. The treaty every country in the world signed up to, to fight global warming.

Trump burying his head in the sand won’t help. Ironically, burying his head in the freezer will.

All profit from Trump Trays will be donated to the Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF)

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Don’t drown your sorrows. Unless your sorrow is represented by a golf-ball sized, perfect 360° replica of the 45th President of the United States.

In which case add one to your favourite drink, make crushed ice with your nearest hammer or recreate one of our signature cocktails below.



Ruined, not stirred. You don’t drink the Trumptini because it tastes nice. You drink it as a timely reminder even a timeless beauty can be devastated. The Martini cocktail today, Earth tomorrow! Cheers!


Say hello to the never-ending summer and goodbyeeeee to the Maldives. Sure, this doesn’t look like your traditional Sex on the Beach, but soon everything will look different. Get used to it - then get a snorkel.

Bloody Donald_CROPPED_3.png

For when your hangover feels like the end of the world. If the possible destruction of Earth gets too much and you overindulge, shake, shake, shake, shake it off, shake it off with a Bloody Donald.


Handmade mould

Makes one 3/4 ice-head. Numbered edition of 25, available now. Grab one while you still can!

Made by Mackinnon & Saunders. The studio that brought you the puppets in Postman Pat, Bob the Builder and The Fantastic Mr. Fox. Free shipping.


Mass-produced tray

100% recyclable, silicone trays that make four full ice-heads at once. Fun for the whole family!

To offset setup costs and raise over £20,000 for charity, we need to sell 5,000 trays. Help us, help you, help them. Click through to our crowdfunding page.



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"It's a sad reality that while the world’s most vulnerable countries have contributed the least to climate change, they are most at risk from its negative effects and the least equipped to withstand and adapt to it." 
– The United Nations

Buying a tray gives you more than unlimited ice in the shape of Donald Trump's head. It gives you the smug feeling of knowing all profit is going to the Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF). Since 2001, they've been tirelessly working to protect the natural environment - and the people and wildlife that depend upon it. 

Not in the market for a tray? You can still help by sharing this project with your friends or signing up to the EJF newsletter below. 


Thank you.

Richard at Mackinnon & Saunders for the moulds.
Dave at 3D Print Bureau for the heads.
Myles New for the photography. 
Sal Henley for the styling.
Sarah Birks for the props. 
& everyone else who helped. 

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